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                            Artfinder is one of the sought after marketplaces for selling original art. It started out in a small way, with just 14 artists, a small dedicated team and a big dream and in the last four years has grown leaps and bounds into a full-fledged marketplace for buying original art directly from artists from 108 countries. It connects independent artists to collectors and buyers from across the globe. It now has 10,000 plus artists enrolled and more than 50000 registered buyers and about 15000 new artworks are added to Artfinder every month!

                         Portrait painting was my favourite when I started out on my journey as an artist late in life. I had aspired to be a portrait artist and had painted and sketched portraits. Though now I am trying out other subjects, my deep interest in portraits has never faded away. Amrita Shergil is my most favorite Indian artist who painted very sensitive portraits, her self-portraits need no mention! Among the Western Masters Rembrandt Harmenszoon van Rijn and John Singer Sargent have been my Gods!!

On Pinterest I had created a Private Board “ Artfinder Gems” long ago where I collected my favourite portrait paintings on Artfinder. There are several artists whose work I adore and some I worship too, but I chose Derek Jones from UK as my most favourite artist for the blog/Facebook post, in response to Artfinder’s call for picking out my favourite artist .Derek is a figure and portrait painter, he uses charcoal, pastels, acrylic, watercolour, conte or oils on their own or in any combination, as per his "About" column on Artfinder.

                      Portrait art brings out the personality of the model, as observed by the artist. Portrait paintings are not a mere reproduction of the external features of the model. For me, Derek Jones has succeeded in achieving this. His artistic portraits are utterly feminine and soft. They are so dreamy and innocent that I keep staring at them for long, admiring every brush stroke and every gentle shift in the tones! They have an out of the world feel about them, so soft, so delicate. Here are some of his artworks one can relate to, like I have

                               His depictions are of young women, who transform into beautiful, ethereal persons in his art. Their innocence strikes the viewer and one is struck by the inner beauty of his subjects. The warm colors in his paintings and drawings enhance this feel in his paintings, that they almost come alive. I am sure whoever views his artwork will share my thoughts and admiration for his artworks!

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  1. Excellent works, the flow of emotions in each of his portraits is very much evident. Great read Asha!


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on the painting , I enjoy reading them and they keep me going !